About Veria Living Go

Veria Living Go is the premier online video platform for original, high quality health and wellness TV shows and videos.

Veria Living Go is designed to give you unlimited access to your favorite shows, when you want and where you want, from your TV, to your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

Veria Living Go is powered by Veria Living Media, the leading media company devoted to showcasing wellness programming and related content in the United States and beyond.

Together Veria Living TV, VeriaLiving.com and Veria Living Go offer compelling and entertaining content across multiple platforms. Based in New York City, Veria Living Media, a privately held company, offers the world’s largest lineup of first-run, original programming - connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle.

The network is primarily available on DISH Network (Channel 218), Verizon FiOS (Channel 162) and Frontier Communications (Channel 162).

VeriaLiving.com complements the network by extending the Veria Living philosophy through online recipes, nutritional and holistic health tips, body-mind conditioning and all-natural products. As a company, Veria Living Media passionately advocates living a high quality life full of vitality.

Welcome to Veria Living Go.

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